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Flexible Study Modes

Our programs are organised with courses that are in line with the the availability of the student.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers are extensively trained to offer quality training and guiding the students through the classroom interactions.

Intensive Programs

These are short, concentrated periods of teaching conducted in a shorter period of time and attendance is compulsory.

About Us

Founded in the year 2007 and with more than 13 years of experience in teaching Foreign Languages and Professional Studies; Kenya Insttitute of Foreign Languages and Professional Studies has converted inexperienced students into proficient and well versed individuals ready to fit into the the respective fields of work.

KIFLAPS offers practical and professional courses which are relevant to the 21st Century; embracing globalization through the teaching foreign Languages. We have also utilised technology to reach out to as many students as possible not only in Kenya but across the globe.

  • Our Motto : Knowledge is Light
  • Our Vision : Provide high quality academic and vocational training to students with ambition in acquiring professional skills.
  • Mission : Provide students with knowledge, skills and competence in foreign languages and professional studies exposing them to a world full of opportunities.
  • Core Values : Integrity; Respect; Innovation; Open-mindedness.


Foreign Languages




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Our Features And Online classes

We provide adapted all our courses to be done through the Online Mode of Study by initiating the e-learning platform which enables our students to attend classes in any geographical location, throughout the world.

Professional Courses

These courses are relevant to the 21st century and specific to the goals of each and every student.

Expert Teachers

All Our teachers are highly trained to give the best quality of training to all our students. They are trained on the use of technology making it easy to conduct online classes. With the onset of COVID-19, classes are being conducted virtually through the use of computers and smartphones.

Online Teaching

Learn with your favorite teachers at the comfort and safety of your house. We have ensured that all our teachers are trained to replicate the environment of regular physical classes and offer the same through the online mode of study.

Audio Lessons

Enhance your listening skills with tailor made audios that will expose you to native accents of your respective study languages.

Tailor made classes

Enjoy our flexible classes that offer various options such as: Regular classes, Online classes, Distance Learning, Morning and Evening classes, Private Home classes and also corporate training.

Professional Certificate

At the end of the course, students are issued with certificates as proof of their proficiency in the respective languages. Our certifications have been approved by the Ministry of Education (Kenya) and also the Technical Vocational Education Training Authority (Kenya) and are also recognized by various institutions around the globe.

Popular Courses

We have a variety of courses ranging from Languages to Professional course. After the study be assured to receive your professional certificate and Diploma.

Arabic 96Hours

The language of peace

Join the wave and study the most exciting language in the world. Did you know that about 35% of the words in Swahili are borrowed from Arabic.


$360.00/ Kshs. 36,000.00
Chinese 96Hours


The second most spoken language in the world with over 1.3 billion users. It is crucial that you learn this language in this age of globalization especially if you want to diversify in the trade sector.


$360.00/ Kshs. 36,000.00
English 96Hours

Career Prospect

Certainly among the most powerful languages in the world, you can virtually work in any part of the world with ease in adapting with this amazing language. Also, we have tailor made classes for the non English speakers that are looking forward to working in Kenya.


$360.00/ Kshs. 36,000.00
French 96Hours

A career asset.

With more than 200 million people, the ablitiy to speak French is an advantage for finding oppotunities in a wide range of sectors.


$360.00/ Kshs. 36,000.00
Japanese 96Hours

Technocrat Language

Almost spoken in exclusively in Japan, it has been rated as the language for the technological world. The language is Ideal for the individuals wishing to engage in the fields of robotics and electronics.


$360.00/ Kshs. 36,000.00
Russian 96Hours

Engineering Language

Rated to be among the most unique languages in the world, and also recognized as an official language in the world, enroll with is now and learn at discounted prices.


$600.00/ Kshs. 60,000.00
Sign Language 96Hours

Kenyan and Arabic Sign Language

This is the language that is specially adapted for use by the deaf. Currently among the most marketable in the industry, you will definitely increase your career prospects by learning this language.


$360.00/ Kshs. 36,000.00

Our Teachers

A word from our teachers.

Ms. Sophia Abdalla

Head of Arabic Department

As Kenya Institute of Foreign Languages and Professional Studies, we provide the best to make our students, parents and fellow teachers to feel supported and equipped in the efforts to change everyones’ lives.

Mr. Alex Karani

Japanese Teacher

KIFLAPS embodies an organization united under the mission to provide the knowledge and skills to allow them to face the world full of opportunities.

Mr. Abdulrahman Khamis

Translation and Interpretation

As an interpreter, I am glad to work for a company that is committed to professionalism and delivering the best customer service.

Dr. Hassan Kinyua


KIFLAPS is a home of foreign languages and professional studies where people get to interact and know about external cultures.

If you are looking for the best institution to learn French, I’d totally recommend KIFLAPS. One year into the program and I could communicate fluently in French.

Hilda Mwende

French Student

Being an IT technocrat, learning Japanese language has exposed me to a wide network of colleagues throughout the world. I got to interact with a number of fellow students international students. どうも ありがとう ございました

Mr. Reagan Kayongo

Japanese Student

I received a very warm welcome by KIFLAPS. As a student in the Arabic Department, I have extensively gained from the very experienced teachers in the language. It is the best Arabic Institution.

Mr. Embassy Jibril

Islamic Studies Student