Flexible Study Modes

While not every student can attend the regular classes, we allow our students to create their own tailor made study plans and engage in one-on-one tutoring.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers are extensively trained to offer quality training and guide all students to achieve their goals.

Adaptible Programs

Get comprehensive training if you intend to finish your studies in a shorter period of time.

Kenya Institute of Foreign Languages & Professional Studies (KIFLAPS)


KIFLAPS is a well-known educational institution that focuses on teaching foreign languages and professional studies. With over 16 years of experience, KIFLAPS has become a popular choice for language enthusiasts in Africa, thanks to its ability to offer services in over 27 languages in one location. The college prides itself on being the top college in Africa for language training.

KIFLAPS is dedicated to providing education that meets international standards. To ensure that its training meets the required benchmarks, the college follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), which offers a comprehensive guide for language teaching, learning, and assessment. KIFLAPS’ commitment to quality education is further demonstrated by its registration with various authorities, including the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0087/2021), National Industrial Training Authority (NITA/TRN/1956), and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC/VEP/2022/0244).

In summary, KIFLAPS is a reputable educational institution that specializes in offering high-quality education in foreign languages and professional studies. Its long-standing history of over 16 years and ability to offer language services in over 27 languages under one roof make it a popular choice among language enthusiasts in Africa. KIFLAPS is committed to providing education that meets international standards, as evidenced by its use of the CEFRL framework and registration with various authorities.

Our Motto: Knowledge is Light
    • Our Vision: To provide high quality academic and vocational training to students with ambitions in acquiring professional skills.
    • Our Mission: Provide students with knowledge, skills and competence in foreign languages and professional studies, exposing them to a world full of opportunities.
    • Our Core Values:
        1. Integrity
        2. Respect
        3. Innovation
        4. Open-minded
        5. Professionalism

It's time to proceed with KIFLAPS and see where it takes you

At KIFLAPS, we take pride in offering language training that meets the globally recognized standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). Our approach follows a 6-level system, starting with Basic 1 (A1) and progressing to Basic 2 (A2), Intermediate 1 (B1), Intermediate 2 (B2), Advanced 1 (C1), and finally Advanced 2 (C2). This ensures that you can learn any language at a level that suits your current proficiency, making your learning experience as smooth and convenient as possible. Come and join us to start your language journey today!

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training regimens

KIFLAPS gives flexibility to those students wishing to study at a fast rate. We recommend students to attend a minimum of 96 hours of classwork per level of study. If you want to improve or begin learning a foreign language in the best and most effective way, enroll in one tailor-made programs and choose between 1 hour and 3 hours daily class sessions. Choose between one of the following programs and begin your expedition to learn the language of your choice:

Regular Plan
(6 Months)

Intakes are done once every month. The course duration is 96 hours per level, covering 1 hour per session, 4 sessions per week for 6 months. Monthly Tuition fees is Kshs 6,000 ($60).

Intensive Plan
(3 Months)

Intakes are done once every month, The course Duration is 96 hours per level, covering 2 hours per session, 4 sessions per week for 3 months. Monthly Tuition fees is Kshs 12000 ($120).

Super-Intensive Plan
(2 Months)

Classes begin anytime. The course duration is 96 hours per level, covering 3 hours per session, 4
sessions per week for 2 months. Monthly Tuition fees is
Kshs 18000 ($180).


Our training is adapted to your day-to-day lifestyle, allowing you to spend time with your family, go to work and study your language of choice at the same time. Continue exploring to know what entails these study modes: i) Physical, ii) Virtual, iii) Distance learning and, iv) blended program.


You will have the opportunity to engage in live discussions getting an experience with social interactions with fellow students while building a close bond with your teacher. In view of COVID-19 prevention protocols, we strictly adhere to Physical distancing and practice health and hand hygiene while ensuring that all class furniture is regularly disinfected


Our online courses are easily distinguished from other online resources. We allow you to study from your own comfort in a perfect replica of physical classes. Classes are live and are one-on-one with the tutor alowing maximum interaction through chats and live videos. Classes can be conducted anytime, day and night subject to availability of the tutor. We recommend the classes to be done via Zoom™ platform


This is a self-paced program where you will typically educate yourself online and autonomously. It is a suitable and economical option compared to conventional schooling methods in that you do not attend face-to-face sessions, but rather study the course all by yourself.


We have a variety of courses ranging from Languages to Professional courses. Once done with your training, be assured to receive your professional certificate and Diploma.

A word from our teachers.

Our Expert Teachers

Mr. Kelvin Ogutu

Mr. Kelvin Ogutu

Assistant Lecturer
Ms. Elsie Moraa

Ms. Elsie Moraa

Lecture English and French
Ms. Charity Mosinya

Ms. Charity Mosinya

French & English Lecturer


What Our Students Are Saying

If you are looking for the best institution to learn French, I’d totally recommend KIFLAPS. One year into the program and I could communicate fluently in French.

Hilda Mwende

French Student

Being an IT technocrat, learning Japanese language has exposed me to a wide network of colleagues throughout the world. I got to interact with a number of fellow international students.

Mr. Reagan Kayongo

Japanese Student

I received a very warm welcome at KIFLAPS. As a student in the Arabic Department, I have extensively gained from the very experienced teachers in the language. It is the best Arabic Institution.

Mr. Embassy Jibril

Islamic Studies Student

If you’re looking for an institution to study Spanish, I highly recommend KIFLAPS. The staff members are very welcoming and the lecture hours can always be adjusted according to your schedule. I appreciate the experience and would definitely go back for more. Buenas Tardes!

Mr. Nick Mwangi

Spanish studies

Firstly, I’m really thankful to KIFLAPS since I reported to the institution not knowing a single word in Italian but after a month of classes and tests, I’m proud to say that I can hold a conversation in Italian. God bless the KIFLAPS fraternity

Mr. Hassan Waziri

Italian A1

KIFLAPS is one of the best institutions where I gained important listening and speaking skills. Being a teacher myself, I interacted with the lecturers and acquired a lot of knowledge from them including bettering my proficiency in the French language. Que Dieu vous benisse KIFLAPS staff. Amen.

Mrs. Alice Thiong'o

French B1

Hey everyone! I joined KIFLAPS early this year for sign language classes and I’m proud to say that it really paid off. Words can’t explain my gratitude to the institution. All I can say is thank you so much KIFLAPS. Good luck to all the students and much love.

Ms. Hawa Kalee

Sign language studies

Bonjour! I’ve always had a passion for the French language and a friend recommended me to check out the KIFLAPS study program. I enrolled for the online classes and in two months’ time, I can proudly say KIFLAPS is the place to be. Check this place out people and thank me later. Cheers!

David Kabugu

French studies

I received a very warm welcome at KIFLAPS and I immediately knew I was at the right place. I took Italian classes both physically and online and I was really happy with the result. The lecturers are really patient and understanding and I will surely be coming back to learn more. Thank you KIFLAPS fraternity.

Margaret Eboyi

Italian B1

Being an IT student, learning Chinese has really helped me in interaction with fellow international students and it also encouraged me to learn more languages since the experience at KIFLAPS is worth going back to. God bless y’all.

Fatma Khalid

Chinese studies

Hey guys. I joined the KIFLAPS class of German and it was one of the best decisions I made. I had fruitful interactions, made friends and most importantly learnt how to express myself in German. I’m really grateful to KIFLAPS and wish the students all the best. Bye!

Sylverster Mutwiri

German A1

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Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan Morgan