Course Detail

RUSSSIAN 96 Hours per Level

Learn Russian with KIFLAPS.

Russian Basic 1 Course Outline

  • Course Price Kshs 60,000/$600
  • Location Physical and Online
  • Level of Study Basic 1
  • Available Programs Regular/Intensive/Super-Intensive
  • Intake Ongoing


This Russian Course Outline provide a learning schedule curated to give you a glimpse of what you will go through over a 96-Hour duration. The classes are adjustable allowing the students to choose their timetable to the specific specific time and days. The following topics give an overview of what you expect to learn by the end of the level.

Topics & Vocabulary:

  • 1. Name, profession and personal information
  • 2. Greeting and parting.
  • 3. Russian Alphabet
  • 4. Members of the Family.
  • 5. Who and What?
  • 6. Descriptions (small, big, old, young, etc)
  • 7. Talking about places and things
  • 8. Numbers (1-100) and mathematics
  • 9. Telling the time
  • 10. Talking about position (где, в, на)
  • 11. Describing things and activities
  • 12. Seasons
  • 13. Colours
  • 14. Prices
  • 15. Weather | Climate
  • 16. Date/ La date
  • 17. Days of the week| Months of the year


  • 1.Gender agreement for nouns
  • 2.Personal pronouns.
  • 3.Personal pronouns in the Nominative and Accusative case.
  • 4.Verbs in the present tense: 1st and 2nd group conjugation.
  • 5.Plural of nouns.
  • 6.Possessive pronouns.
  • 7.Consonants: hard and soft; voiced and voiceless.
  • 8.Vowels: reduction of о, е, я.
  • 9.Intonation of a question and a statement. Accent (stress).
  • 10.Interrogative pronouns: Where, When, How much/ Quelques pronoms interrogatifs : où, quand, combien
  • 11.Reading rules. Voiced and voiceless consonants combination

Sociocultural knowledge:

  • 1.Greetings (when meeting people)
  • 2.Simple expressions to express politeness
  • 3.Religion and beliefs
  • 4.Culture & society
  • 5.Social etiquette and customs
  • 6.Talks and discussions on economic and cultural issues.
  • 7.Reading and analysing Russian literature: poetry and prose.
  • 8.Watching and discussing films; Reading and analysing newspapers.