Mr. Alexis Salahe

Mr. Alexis Salahe

Spanish/Italian/Chinese/Portuguese Lecturer


Mr. Alexis Salahe is a lecturer at Kenya Institute of Foreign Languages and Professional Studies (KIFLAPS) is the youngest African Polyglot able to speak, translate, interpret and teach more than 10 foreign languages including:

  1. French
  2. English
  3. Spanish
  4. Italian
  5. Portuguese
  6. Chinese
  7. Dutch
  8. Latin
  9. Esperanto
  10. Kiswahili

He can also speak in more than 6 local African native Languages which include:

  1. Lingala
  2. Kinyarwanda
  3. Kirundi
  4. Zulu
  5. Kamba
  6. Gikuyu

He is considered to be the number 1 polyglot in the world, and is currently pursuing further studies in Arabic Language.