Russian Language

Russian language is a beautiful, great, rich, expressive and considered to be one of the most powerful languages in the world.


The use of the language is widespread all over the world. There are many advantages of learning Russian as a new language. 

Besides communication, it has many social and cultural functions. Russian is a tool for interactions at a global level. 


Some of the other advantages of the Russian language include:

1. Russian is an official language of United Nations.

Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations. It’s widely used by about 300 million people worldwide. Almost all of the Russian speakers are residents living in the Soviet Union countries. There are 33,400 Russian speakers in non-Soviet countries, such as Finland. In the United States and Israel, there is approximately 750,000 who use the Russian language in their daily lives.

2. A glimpse of History and Culture

Russian Language is deeply embedded with a rich heritage and culture which can be witnessed through literature, ballet, buildings, paintings and classical music. Russian language allows you to interact with these historical artifacts from a very unique point of view. 

3. Access to some of the top World's Universities

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) is ranked as one of the best universities in the world and has consistently been ranked as one of the top 150 universities in the world. 

Russia is re-known for their languages with their engineering.

3. Vacate in the best sceneries

Russia fills one-eighth of Earth’s land area. Its size is almost twice of the United States. The Russian country has nine distinct time zones

The expansive area covered by Russia transcends different climatic areas and is a unique experience. Starting from the Kremlin in Moscow, The Magnificent buildings and museums, different climatic regions and white sandy beaches. Learn Russian Language and use it to explore beautiful Russia.

4. The Gamer's Language

If you are a person who likes to play online games and are familiar with English Language. Mastery of the Russian language can be beneficial for those online game players who are out to explore and collaborate with friends and other players from the whole globe.

5. Increased Employability Rate