Launch of Italian Book: “Basics of Italian Grammar and Expression.”

On Sunday, the 5th of February 2023, a landmark event took place in Nairobi, Kenya, as a new Italian language book “Basics of Italian Grammar and Expression” was launched.

The book, which was written by Mr. Alexis Salahe and a team of esteemed editors, offers a unique perspective on the Italian language and culture, and provides a valuable resource for students and language enthusiasts in Kenya.

"Sir. Alexis Salahe (Right), Author of groundbreaking book "The basics of Italian Grammar and Expression," stands alongside the esteemed chairman of the Peace League Africa (PLA), Mr. Onesmus Gichuru (Left) during the launch of the book.

The launch of the book was a major event in Nairobi’s cultural calendar, attracting a large and diverse audience. The event was attended by prominent members of the Italian community, as well as local dignitaries and language students from Kenya Institute of Foreign Languages and Professional Studies (KIFLAPS) and International Jaamia of Languages and Professional Studies (IJLAPS) among others. The atmosphere was lively, with people engaging in conversation and exchanging ideas about the Italian language and culture.


The author of the book spoke about his passion for the Italian language and his commitment to preserving and promoting its rich cultural heritage. He emphasized the importance of learning Italian, not just as a tool for communication, but also as a way to connect with the rich and diverse history of Italy.


In his keynote speech, he spoke about the unique challenges of learning a foreign language, but also about the many rewards that come with it. He encouraged the audience to embrace the language, to study it diligently, and to use it as a tool to explore the world.


The launch of the new Italian language book was a triumph for the Italian community in Nairobi, and a testament to their dedication to preserving and promoting the language and culture. The book will undoubtedly be an invaluable resource for students and language enthusiasts, and will help to foster a greater appreciation for the Italian language and its cultural significance.

Ms. Everlyne Wanjiku

The author of the article is an expert in the field of Languages, bringing a passion for the language and culture to their writing and offering insightful and educational perspectives.