The Launch of the new course Sujok Therapy at the Kenya Institute of Foreign Languages and Professional Studies (KIFLAPS)

Recently, the Kenya Institute of Foreign Languages and
Professional Studies (KIFLAPS)
launched a new initiative in
holistic health and wellness. The launch of
Sujok Therapy marks a
a significant step forward in promoting holistic and alternative forms of
treatment and offers a unique opportunity for people in Kenya to improve their health and well-being.

Sujok Therapy is a natural and non-invasive form of therapy that is based on the principles of traditional Korean medicine. It involves the use of stimulation points on the hands and feet to treat various physical and mental health conditions. The therapy is easy to learn and can be practiced at home, making it accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

The launch of Sujok Therapy at KIFLAPS was a major event, attracting a large and diverse audience. The event was held at Bomb Blast Memorial Park on Sunday 5th February 2023 and the atmosphere was lively, with people engaging in discussions about holistic health and wellness and learning about the benefits of Sujok Therapy.

The event was attended by prominent health experts and members of the Sujok Therapy community, who spoke about their experiences and the positive impact the therapy has had on their lives.

The launch of Sujok Therapy at KIFLAPS represents a new frontier in holistic health and wellness in Kenya. It provides people with a new and effective way to manage their physical and mental health and offers an alternative to traditional forms of treatment. With the support of KIFLAPS, IJLAPS, Chance Publishers, and the Sujok Therapy community,
Sujok Therapy is sure to grow in popularity and reach even more people in the future.

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By Wilkistar Wekesa

The author of this article is passionate with a deep understanding of this holistic healing approach. Her expertise in Sujok Therapy is evident in her writing, as she provides insights and practical tips for those looking to experience the benefits of this therapy. Through her writing, she aims to share her knowledge and inspire others to explore the benefits of this ancient healing tradition.