Foreign Languages

Arabic 96Hours

Why study Arabic?

Learning Arabic will help you better to communicate with Arabic speakers and further understand the Islam culture and religion.

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Chinese 96Hours

Why study Chinese?

China being one of the fastest and growing economies in the world, business men and women are rushing to China to do business.

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English 96Hours

Language for All.

Certainly among the most powerful languages in the world, you can virtually work in any part of the world with ease in adapting with this amazing language.

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French 96Hours

A career asset.

With more than 200 million people, the ablitiy to speak French is anadded advantage to finding oppotunities in a wide range of sectors.

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German 96Hours

Why study German?

The ideal language if you seek to travel to Europe and especially if you want to further your studies. German is a cool language if you want to specialize in the field of science. .

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Italian 96Hours

The Fashion Language

Italy holds around 60% of the most valuable artistic pieces in the world as per UNESCO. Join us as we explore this.

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Kiswahili 96Hours

The East African Language.

Among the most widely used languages not only in Africa but also the world, definitely a good choice for someone specializing in diplomacy.

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Russian 96Hours

Why study Russian?

Russian is rated among the most unique foreign languages in the world and is also recognized as one of the six United Nations Official Languages.

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Sign Language 96Hours

The Deaf language

Surprisingly one of the easiest languages to learn. Students can pick up on the signs quickly consequently and use them in speaking.

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Spanish 96Hours

The Language of Creativity

Currently ranks as the favorite language for many. It comes second after Chinese in the number of Speakers globally. Enroll now and join the growing trend.

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