Halal Department of Islamic Studies

  • KIFLAPS Halal section fall under the department of Islamic studies cum Islamic Sharia studies. We ensure that all products are Halal compliant and comply with maximum hygienic and humanitarian standards required by Islamic dietary laws. KIFLAPS monitors these products at every point, from the source to the consumer. This is done by means of thorough inspection and continuous checks by our qualified inspectors , thereby eliminating doubts and granting the general public full confidence and assurance when trading in ‘Halal' products. Consuming Halal is an order from God (Allah SWT) therefore it is important for a consumer to have full confidence that the product he/she intends to buy is ‘Halal' (permissible), ‘Tayyib' (pure) and does not contain anything doubtful. The idea of establishing this department came after our graduates god employed in various industries and realized that there is a big gap to be filled in this field We have a clientele form across the country